Sunday, June 16, 2013

Week 2 Action Research Reflection

Well, it certainly has been a busy week of learning and I'm honestly not sure what I got out of it.  I have always been a problem solver and never really thought too much about how I was going about doing it.  It just sort of happens.  Perhaps the the most difficult thing about this leadership endeavor has been the reflection.  Thinking about what you have been thinking about is really difficult.  One is always listening to that inner voice but how many of use sit down and have a really serious conversation with it.  So what have I learned about action research?   It is a systematic way of looking at and solving problems.  It is useful in multiple contexts.  I can be done individually in order to improve personal practice or it can be used collaboratively to improve student/campus performance.  Action research is different from traditional research in that it's purpose is to solve a problem or improve instruction as opposed to adding new information to a field of study.  It can be duplicated on different campuses and have drastically different outcomes.  It is an essential part of today's teaching field where overall accountability drives every aspect of our careers.

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