Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Action Research Plan

Action Research Plan
Goal: Improve relationships between regular and special education inclusion teachers to affect student performance.
Action Steps(s):
Person(s) Responsible:
Timeline: Start/End
Needed Resources
Read related research and collect qualitative data regarding relationships between co-teachers.
Robert Scott
June-July 2013
August 2013
  • Computer for online research.
  • Relevant journals and articles
List of potential actions and strategies to implement
Design survey to give to teachers at beginning of year.  Should include perceptions of co-teach in general and specific personal experience as well as EOC failure rates.
Perceptions Benchmark #1
Brent Scott
August 2013
Previous surveys done at other districts.  Survey Monkey
Qualitative data
Student performance data
Develop a list of co-teach professional development available in the Lubbock area.
Brent Scott, Kathy Rollo
June-August 2013
Lubbock ISD Director of Professional Development. Region 17.
List of professional development
Conduct Meeting to introduce co-teach staff to the project and vision.  Give surveys
CHS Inclusion Staff
August 2013
Meeting location. Surveys
1 hour
Returned surveys and list of professional development ideas from the group.
Collect student performance data on district benchmarks for the first six weeks.  This will serve as data benchmark #1 for project analysis.
Brent Scott
End of 1st six weeks
Special Education student benchmark performance data.
Co-teachers will attend specific inclusion professional development and complete a course evaluations
CHS Inclusion Staff
August-November 2013
Substitute teachers
District Staff Development dates
Course completion certificates and evaluations
Collect Student District Benchmark Data for Project Benchmark #2
Brent Scott
End of Semester #1
Special Education Student Benchmark Data
Meeting with Co-teachers to  discuss semester 2 ideas and adjust project vision if needed
CHS Inclusion Staff
End of Semester 1
1 Hour
Meeting Location
Brainstorming list.
co-teachers will attend specific inclusion professional development and complete a course evaluations
CHS Inclusion Staff
January-April 2014
Substitute teachers
District Staff Development dates
Course certificates and evaluations.
Collect Student Benchmark Performance Data to serve as Project final benchmark for analysis
Brent Scott
End of 6th six weeks
Special Education Student Performance Data.
Give the same survey to teachers which was given at the beginning of the year for comparison analysis.
Brent Scott
May 2014
Surveys and Survey Monkey
Completed surveys
Complete Data analysis and draw conclusions of effectiveness of inclusion professional development
Brent Scott
May-August 2014
Student Data
Perception surveys
Professional Development Data
Spreadsheet and graphs of analysis.
Present report to Administration and relevant teaching staff.  Discuss effectiveness/ineffectiveness of project.
Brent Scott
August 2014
Final Report


Format based on Tool 7.1 from Examining What We Do to Improve Our Schools

(Harris, Edmonson, and Combs, 2010)


  1. Robert - I looks like your action research project is very well thought out. I like the fact that you are getting input from so many different people in order to have many different point of views throughout your project.

  2. I think you have a detailed, organized, and workable research project. I am interested to hearing your progress and results as I am going to be involved in co-teaching two classes next school year (and more than likely the following year). Good luck!

  3. I love your idea of building relationships between teachers. After reading your plan, I am a little confused about your vision. Are you wanting to build relationships between inclusion teachers only; or, are you wanting to build relationships between inclusion teachers and non-inclusion teachers?

    If you are only focusing on building the relationships between inclusion teachers, you may want to consider getting the non-inclusion teachers involved. If that's already what you're doing, I would suggest that the non-inclusion teachers also attend professional development training. From your plan, it seems that only the inclusion teachers will be seeking training.

    In regards to the surveys, in addition to requesting feeback regarding perceptions and personal experiences, it may be useful to request input from the teachers outlining how they feel their role should affect students. And, in addition, the teachers should be specific in describing the steps to helping students.

    I would also ask the teachers, as a collaborative group, to create SMART goals for the year. That way, they have something concrete that will allow them to gauge their progress.

    Good luck with your action research plan. I think it will be fabulous!

  4. It is about relationship building between Co-Teachers. Regular ed teachera and SPED teachers woking together in the inclusion setting. I have seen you use SMART a few times. Maybe I am in the dark up here in Lubbock (cutting edge is not a term used up here a lot) so please educate me some. Thanks for your insightful imput!

  5. Robert,

    You have hit on a topic certainly worth examining as inclusion is here to stay! I think survey monkey is a fast and easy way to get staff responses. We also use Eduphoria in my district. That should serve you well in examining data. I think you are on track and co-teachers may be very grateful for your information when you complete your study. I think some pairs work much more effectively together than others. If you find ways to help those that struggle, you should bottle and sell it!

  6. This is a great topic and I can wait to see your findings. Your plan is well developed and implementation detailed. I find we have the same issue at my school and could benefit from a study like this. I do not see a great deal of collaborative teaching with our co-teaching, inclusion with the regular education teachers. We need some PD for building relationships and co-teaching to better benefit all the students in a co-teaching classroom. Good Luck with your study.